Thursday, June 9, 2011

דיסקים של מטאל יד שניה

 כולם שמיעים ומחרידים כמו שאתם אוהבים
דיסק בודד - 20
דיסק כפול - 40
מגיע לארץ באמצע יוני אז צרו קשר ואביא איתי מה שאתם רוצים 


Death -  Live in L.A
Death - Symbolic
Death - Scream bloddy gore
Doom - Total doom
Cradle Of Filth - Midian
Cradle Of Filth - Bitter suites to succubi
Slayer - Decade ofAggression (Live 2CD)
The Dark Side Of Wacken - 2CD compilation (Venom, Morbid Angel, Destruction, In Flames, Cradle Of Filth, Immortal, Napalm Death , and so.. and so...)
Ultimate Swedish - Slash and burn vol. 1 (Compilation with: Unleashed, Scars, Unanimated, Bloodstone and some more bands that makes my eyes really lazy reading)
Death is just the beginning Vol. 7 ( 2CD comp with: Anthrax, Destruction, Dimmu Borgir, Grave Digger, Hammerfall, Hypocrisy, Immortal and some more...)
Venom - Resurrection
Das Ich - Relikt (2CD)
Driller Killer - And the winner is..
Over Kill - Hello from the gutter (2CD Best of Over Kill)
Destruction - the antichrist
Marilyn Manson - Portrait of an american family
Marilyn Manson - Mechanical animals
The World Domination 4 (10 years of Osmose Productions) (2CD compilation with: Anorexia Nervosa, Bewitched, Driller Killer, Melechesh, Ritual Carnage, Thornspawn and smoe more)
Engorged - self titled
Dornenreich - Nicht um zu sterben
Dornenreich - Her von welken nachten
Twilight - erben der schopfung

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