Monday, June 4, 2012

June Update

bang dang wuham, no chitty chat its time to slam !

  • first things first - new Bandcamp page for Twintoe Rex' - BANDCAMP
  • TamutAmen 7" are here and they are beautiful and plays grate, still got a few limited SILVER and GOLD colored vinyls  get them now !

  • the VVhile 7" covers looks great.. only they are not yet, they are very limited and very shicky wicky, the vinyl color is black (and not white like in the photo) and on the labels there are Twintoe stamps
    get them fast !


I'm at the process of booking a 10 days tour for Dukatalon from Israel, a sludge-stoner-metal trio on Relaspe records, they will play Ieper festival in Belgium and generally will tour from 7 till the 18 of August if you are interested in booking them a show please write me to: TWINTOERECORDS@GMAIL.COM
they will be happy to call all the demons in your town out and party like Europe didn't party since 1666 !

next releases:
  • TTR15 - Modern Pets - s/t Tape 
  • TTR16 - Batalj 7"
  • TTR17 - Tangled Lines - Discography tape
next shows in Dresden:
new in the distro:

  • Sonic Avenues - Television Youth LP
  • Sonic Avenues - s/t CD
  • Sonic Avenues - s/t Tape
  • Steve Adamyk Band - s/t LP
  • Steve Adamyk Band - Forever won't wait LP
  • Terrible Feelings - Shadows LP
  • Hysterese - s/t LP
  • Too Many Daves - Dawn Of The Daves 7"
  • Skiplickers - Mindfücked 7"
  • Dry Heaves - Loose tongues 7"
  • Ssssnakes / Slow Death split 7"
  • Mile Me Deaf - Swing back to me 7"
  • Gurlfriends - s/t 7"
  • Brooke's Bedroom - Albino rabits 7"
  • Goldsoundz - Weekend 7"
buy it thought DISCOGS shop as well 

in July it's time to party and piss in the swimming pools again, I'm in Israel and it means that Uzbeks are delivering high voltage again at punk rock shows ;)

write me for any fucked up story / trade / pre orders / plans >>>