Sunday, November 25, 2012

Manatees Shirts

about a week before their show in Dresden I get a message from Manatees asking if I can go fast to the studio to do some shirts.... well sure !
here are some photos who came really late

Monday, October 22, 2012

Neil - Live from Konradstraße Proberaum

Neil is a Dresden based 2-piece of acoustic guitar, synth, lungs and throats and obviously are the perfect thing for screamo kids around a fire spot. Bootlegged their show about 200 meters from my house in a punk rock rehearsal room.



Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

TTR18 - O - Black Sea Of Trees - PRE ORDER !

It's been a while since Twintoe Rex put out a full length release, this time I'm proud to be a part of this classic post rock full length release from O (Kreis) which takes us all to sweeping atmospherically journey.
their LP will be out around 20th of October and is already available for pre orders.

high quality printed outer sleeve with a O shaped hole in the middle, high quality full color inner sleeve, on black vinyl  (10 Euros + Shipping) OR limited Yellow or White colored vinyls (12 Euros + Shipping).

mail me now with your address and requests for pre orders to >

Not On Tour Merch !

was pleased to spend some good hours again in the Silkprint studion and this time for mega power fun punk rock from Israel Not On Tour  ! (don't get confused, they do go on tour!) for their European short fall tour of 2013.
100 Shirts with logo print and 100 Tote Bags with 2 colored print.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dukatalon Shirts !

Shirts, posters, patches and stickers I made for Dukatalon's current tour in Europe.
go catch them live if you can!

Screenprints from Dec' 11 - June 12'

I owe some photos for the anti-facebook people so here goes. I would love to print stuff for your band / label / choir / school / kindergarten / your new booking crew / motorcycle crew  so mail me to twintoerecords at gmail dot com

designed by twintoe himself:

designed by others:

Monday, June 4, 2012

June Update

bang dang wuham, no chitty chat its time to slam !

  • first things first - new Bandcamp page for Twintoe Rex' - BANDCAMP
  • TamutAmen 7" are here and they are beautiful and plays grate, still got a few limited SILVER and GOLD colored vinyls  get them now !

  • the VVhile 7" covers looks great.. only they are not yet, they are very limited and very shicky wicky, the vinyl color is black (and not white like in the photo) and on the labels there are Twintoe stamps
    get them fast !


I'm at the process of booking a 10 days tour for Dukatalon from Israel, a sludge-stoner-metal trio on Relaspe records, they will play Ieper festival in Belgium and generally will tour from 7 till the 18 of August if you are interested in booking them a show please write me to: TWINTOERECORDS@GMAIL.COM
they will be happy to call all the demons in your town out and party like Europe didn't party since 1666 !

next releases:
  • TTR15 - Modern Pets - s/t Tape 
  • TTR16 - Batalj 7"
  • TTR17 - Tangled Lines - Discography tape
next shows in Dresden:
new in the distro:

  • Sonic Avenues - Television Youth LP
  • Sonic Avenues - s/t CD
  • Sonic Avenues - s/t Tape
  • Steve Adamyk Band - s/t LP
  • Steve Adamyk Band - Forever won't wait LP
  • Terrible Feelings - Shadows LP
  • Hysterese - s/t LP
  • Too Many Daves - Dawn Of The Daves 7"
  • Skiplickers - Mindfücked 7"
  • Dry Heaves - Loose tongues 7"
  • Ssssnakes / Slow Death split 7"
  • Mile Me Deaf - Swing back to me 7"
  • Gurlfriends - s/t 7"
  • Brooke's Bedroom - Albino rabits 7"
  • Goldsoundz - Weekend 7"
buy it thought DISCOGS shop as well 

in July it's time to party and piss in the swimming pools again, I'm in Israel and it means that Uzbeks are delivering high voltage again at punk rock shows ;)

write me for any fucked up story / trade / pre orders / plans >>>

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Updates

chilled times here in Dresden with planty of cool concerts and too little sunny days to drink a beer at the park ;)

sometimes soon should finally receive the good news and the brilliant 4 tracks 7" of While, if you still didn't check it so go for it, cause it will blow your mind in to space ( and it might stay there as well..)
the Tamut Amen 7"s are in the process of making in the vinyl factory I'm excited about this release and still surprised I'm taking part in a black metal release (it's not as cheesy as you think.. if you're punk or hardcore lovers you might wanna give it a try.. or DIE!).
I'm working at the moment on the Modern Pets tape edition for their first brilliant punk LP, they are currently on tour in Scandinavia and some other cities in Germany and they will tour in the US sometimes this year.
still sniffing around for some labels (not from Germany) to help out with the O release, they play the fatest post-rock you can imagine, so if you run a label and you know what you are doing with your money you might wanna contact me about it to join this magnificent release.
besides from my own releases I got a bunch of stuff I distribute like the new debute 7" release from You're Next - rise up, a really hot blood boiling hardcore punk band from Israel, really well down played, recorded and mixed.
Kitzu - A Swarm Of Details Into Your Umbilical Cord LP 
the 5-piece experimental post rock band from Jerusalem.the LP was out parallel to their
first European tour. the group Kitzu blend a viraity of sounds of indie rock and electronic sounds which creates a breath taking revelation

preorders / wholesale prices / trades - I'm up for them ! drop me a line to 


here are some live videos I added to my new youtube page of DIN's premier concert in AZ Conni and O's concert from this week in the Scheune.

next shows in Dresden:

13.4 - Extra Lungs (the new A Birthday Party Band from Poland featuring Wolfi from the Fight, ex- Vitamin X, Government Flu, Tangled Lines) + the Black Tapes (from Poland) @ Meschwitzstrasse 16 (Proberaum)

30.5 - Neon Piss (Punk, USA) + sup. @ AZ Conni
(I really like this live video of Neon Piss..)

I also play in a new singer song writer 3guitars-1celo-bass+angelvoice band
it's called Library Afire and fronted by Tobias Hanke a singer songwriter
here is a poor recording of our last concert together with O in the Scheune.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Januar Distro Update


Dean Dirg - Verpisst
Napoleon Dynamite - Fickt Euch Alle
Zosch! - Birds Don't Lie
Autistic youth - idle Minds
Autistic Youth - Landmine Beach 

Artic flowers - Reveries
Estranged - Static thoughts
Estranged - Subliminal man
Hero Dishonest - Dangerous
Dramamine - s/t
Polite Sleeper - Lake Effect
Chad Van Gaalen - Soft Airplane
Cat Party - rhapsody in black
Crusades - the sun is down and the night is riding in
Warsong - ancient times
The Now Denial - viva viva


Union Town - s/t

Suspect Parts - Maneater
Marvelous Darlings - Shoot The Piano Player
Stve Adamyk - Desecrate
No More Art - Peripeteia b/w Evil Eyes


Sigfried and Roid Rage - Kingdom Of Pork

place orders at: twintoerecords (at) gmail (dot) com
packing carefully, shipping safe from Dresden, Germany !

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Doom Town + Din silkscreen posters

Christian from Kids Artwork designd and printed a super cool silkscreend poster for Doom Town and Din concerts that happend last week in AZ Conni in Dresden.
there are just a few left of 19 copies that was made, so get them now for only 5 Euros   !