Tuesday, September 13, 2011

August - September Distro Update !

Back from Uzbeks tour and got a bunch of new awesome records and tapes -

Black Everest - Demo 7" (co-release) 

dark scrumbled ocean-wise screamo form Germany, ex- Only For The Sake Of Aching Boys

Silesia Hardcore Omnibus Vol. 1 7" (Hasiok Records)
Polish hardcore compilation at its best (HGW, Minority, No Time to Waste, Step Right In, Hard Work, Nice Shoes & more)

Czas Zlamac Prawo - Orwell was right 7" (Hasiok Records)

fast and trashy Polish hardcore punk

The Observers - So What's Left Now 12" (Taken By Surprise)

Portland's finest bringing magnificent tunes of  80's punk like Naked Raygun or Adolescents to our shitty modern 2000s,

Red Dons - Fake Meets Failure 12" (Taken By Surprise)
the following band of the Observers front-man, with a bunch of other musicians, still bringing surprisingly  outstanding melodies with a bit of a middle eastern touch to mower days punk rock music (My favorite punk record of the year 2010)

Defect Defect - self titled 12" (Taken By Surprise
another great old school punk from Portland


Modern Pets - self titled (P.Trash) 12"

electrifying, danceable garage punk from Berlin, the Sid Vicious are out their graves !

Grand Predateur - self titled 10" (Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu ?)
2-piece mind blending, tricky, fast and intense hardcore from France

official website

Marylin Rambo - Skiez Plus Vite 12" (Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu ?)
crazy mega killer instrumental French rock

official website

Headwar - Hopital Torture Punition IV 12" (Label Brique)
crazy experimental noise rock from France

Dure Mere - Sangre double 12" (self released)
5 songs over double LP... guess for yourselves and listen for free in the link below

Ghost Of Wem - self titled 12" (Blind Date Records)
pissed and filthy sludge with a black metal breeze from Karlsruhe, Germany


Chris Clavin - The roads don't lead home. the roads lead everywhere 12" (Crafty Records)
acoustic nerdy 1-piece acoustic pop-punk from the US

Ghost Mice / Saw Wheel split 12" (No Idea)
Ghost Mice - a lo-fi folk punk from Indiana, US. Saw Wheel - melodic mid tempo punk rock from Austin Texas

Kyle Hall / Chris Clavin split tape (Skulltula Records / Plan-it-x Records)
acoustic nerdy pop-punk

stream listening

Waxahatchee / Chris Clavin split tape (Plan-it-x Records)
lo-fi acoustic pop-punk

Andy Kerr - Once Bitten, Twice Removed tape (Rock n roll masturbation records)
former of No Means No and his solo - 13 home recordings of heartache and revenge - release

Lavigna - 93 La Voie Lamarque tape (Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu ?)
 weird lo-fi acoustic french rock

Bile Clinton - On s'met mal tape (Et mon cul c'est du tofu ?) 
French punk

Uzbeks - Goggles & Flipflops (3-D effect) tape (Gafas Del Rigor tapes)

Uzbeks - Snaps E.P (Yakuzi Tapes)

 these 2 tape releases followed our tour this year, the first is a tape version of our last year debut LP - Goggles & flipflops made with a cool 3D trick and a 3D goggles, the second is our new teaser E.P Snaps, 4 intense  garage-punk tracks, driven by our tighten up melodies and new musical vibes

G&F stream listening
Snaps EP stream listening