Wednesday, November 16, 2011

T Shirt Fest III in Dresden - party and color mixed together in a long drink

T shirt fest take 3 - GO!
Hello Kabab's T shirt festival sums up the idea of gathering together artists - that place their bear fruits on table stands, live musical acts from alternative / indie bands, giga-party time with DJs, tasty vegan food and sweets all together !
this year Twintoe Records & Stuff will include... records... and stuff mmhhh which means, my distro, some second hand vinyls and cds, some Uzbeks shirts and bags designed by Paul XRRRX ( - will be up soon), some Twintoe new designs shirts and pullovers from your very own master Tvvint and POWA ! revelation ! new hand designed boxes ! from recycled flyers stickers and what not ?! the idea founded by Christin Zorn, was to use small metal or wood boxes and re-design them with glue, paper and a loooot of color.
T Shirt Fest 3 is about to be extreme colorful and intresting and I'm really happy to take part. when you are around Dresden / Berlin make sure to come around take a look and drink a beer with me at my stand.. maybe party later ?
3 - 4.12 @ Scheune

3 - 4.12 art market (free enterance!) 13:00 - 22:00
3.12 - DJ's - Dj Heller than Hell & Djane Proletheus (60s, Beat, Psych, Funk & more)
3.12 - 23:00 - ;-D - PARTY PARTY PARTY with -Vogelmenach, Bronko T, Credit 00 //Idealfun
4.12 - 18:00 live concert from the Minutes (Irland- Indie/Rocknroll)