Thursday, January 31, 2013

T Shirt Fest's Leftovers + O'mega Movement Shirts + Danger! Danger! Shirts

busy ass times at the Tvvintoe's DIY department. Updating this blog was left behing in between packeging your orders and finishing Shirts order. here's some shots from the last studio session and the leftovers from the awesome T Shirt Festival that happend just before Christmas in Scheune, Dresden.
take care and contact me !

twintoerecords (at) gmail (dot) com

T-Shirt Festival leftovers (some are still available for sale)

the shirts made for t shirt festival were printed by the twintoe crew the '3 twisted men' motive was sketched by Christin Zorn. we splattered color and smeared color on teh shirts before we printed on them. Every shirt carries the motive in a different spot on the shirt as well.

the other motive you may remmber from the first t shirt festival, only this time the Dishwasher is bigger.

the awesome shopping bags I found on a second hand market in berlin and they were perfect to print on.

the Cellphone bags were made by Broken Needle from Cologne and was sent to Dresden for us to print on them. It was a great cop-orating action!

O'mega Movement 2/3 Sessions

O'mega Movement is a fresh crew out of Haifa, Israel. They do amazing artworks and I'm more then pleased to cop-orate with them. People of Israel be aware of new monsters coming out of Haifa city hardcore real soon!

Danger! Danger! baseball t shirts session

Danger! Danger! are quiet a new hardcore-punk trio. Now they got awesome shirts too and stickers I made extra and ONE and only pillow case... who will be the lucky one to have his sweet dreams on this ? their first 7" is currently out through Spastic Fantastic Records so catch it while its hot !

another small tease is this video I took while washing off the O'mega's Reaper motive screen after it stood in the light ;) was edited by Din Golad.

stay tuned for some more updates from the Tvvint !

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Wedding Present @ 007, Prague 3.10.12

I drove to Prague since it's not far away from Dresden to witness a very good classic band - The Wedding Present