Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Distro Update

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Sport - Demo 2011 tape (Puzzle)

emo-punk rock from the tip of the lungs and dripping tears on the guitars - from France

review + free listening

Terrible Feelings - Tide Up 7" (Timmeheiehumme)
vibrating heartmelting female fronted punk from Malmö, Sweden


Steve Adamyk Band / Sonic Avenues split 7" (Timmeheiehumme / P.trash)
power pop party carrys on, 2 great bands limited to their european tour in spring 2011

Sonic Avenues

Steve Adamyk Band

Mean Jeans / White Wires split 7" (Timmeheiehumme / P.trash)

white wires and mean jeans, goofy snotty garage-pop-punks covering eachother limited for their European 2010 fall tour

Mean Jeans

White Wires

Zygoteens - Sleeping with the stereo on 7" (Timmeheiehumme) 
gained and dirty power-pop


Zebrassieres - Black Brainwave 10" (P.trash)

new wave power-pop-punk serious influence from Devo, if you like parties and punk you must check it !


Vicious Cycle - Black Dot 10" (P.trash)

unique pissed off Canadian punk rock in the vain of Fucked Up

Irritatones - (We Are) Negative Dots 12" (P.trash)

dirty garage punk a la France

album sampler 

Sista Sekunden - Åldras Med Stil 12" (P.trash)

melodic oldschool hardcore-punk from good ol' Malmö, Sweden

album sampler

Vanna Inget - Allvar 12" (P.trash)

heartmelting frisky and bold power punk rock from Malmö, Sweden. This band's name goes under the title of 'Special punk band'. (Red version - green clear colored vinyl)


Year Zero - Year One 12" (P.trash)

sweetn'sour pop-punk from Ottawa, Canada (blue cover)


Agrojive - Agrojive 12" (P.trash)

garage pop punk from Denmark

Statues - New People Make Us Nervous 12" (P.trash)

a brilliant non-stop power-chord ride that lean on English Mod-Punk as well as taking straight Canadian Power-Pop and stirring it up with slightly dissonant and sweeping good ringing guitar lines

Brutal Knights - Feast Of Shame 12" (Deranged)

a nasty punk rock n roll from Canada, their hit record from 2007

album sampler

Dean Dirg - The Last Kid On The Block 12" (Stereodrive / Green Hell)

fast and dirty punk rocknroll classic from Münster, Germany!

Citizens Patrol - Citizen Patrol (15 songs) 12" (Way Back When)

fast dirty and rotten oldschool trash punk from Netherlands 

Dramamine - Dramamine 12" (Sabotage)

a magnificent mind scuba diving post-emo punk (take a deep breath)

The Estranged - The Subliminal Man 12" (Sabotage)
solid, smooth , yet doomy and dark and - punk like Joy Division, Wires and Wipers from Portland, USA

Sonic Avenues - Sonic Avenues 12" (Sabotage / TBS)

power-pop punk to the max !!!

(packing carefully and shipping worldwide with standard flat rate shipping!) place your orders at >>>TWINTOERECORDS (at) GMAIL (dot) COM<<<