TTR18 - ◯ - Sea Of Black Trees LP

◯ isn´t just the letter. ◯ is the circle symbol and at the same time the name of this six piece band from the border region (Belgium/Netherlands/Germany) around Aachen (Germany). In summer 2010 ex-members from „Allegorie“, Dancing on Debris“, „Jack the Rocker“ and „Kings of the Day“ got together with the aim to create spheric musical landscapes. The music wants to take the audience on a turbulent journey somewhere between ambient and postrock and sometimes you can guess their musical roots found in punk/hardcore.

1st press - 180 gram 12" 100 - white 100 - marble yellow/brown/grey 800 - black (1000 made)

TTR17 - The Tangles Lines - Discography Tape (2001-2012) (sold out!)

The Tangled Lines are 2 pairs of brothers and sisters who has been trashing hardcore punk all over Europe and the US for the last 11 years. This july of 2012 the band has announced pulling the plug. Twintoe Records and Spastic Fantastic Records are proud to put out the full Discography tape that celebrate the band we spind records of a long the past few years of growing up with hardcore punk. The tape includes all of TTL recording from the last 11 years (including the latest 12" EP 'Stacy' from Refused Records

1st press - 150 pink tapes w/ blue cases, 150 green tapes w/ pink cases

TTR16 - Batalj - s/t 7"

a really long awaited release is the debut solo (finally not a split w/...) release of the 3 way noise-punk-terror-disco - Batalj. The band is a Berlin based from the 2 Swedish (from Gotheburg - Per-guitar & throats, David- drums & synths) and the Australian (Ve - synths and throat).
Still dancing to disco music ?! what, are you in the 70's ?! Batalj is the new sound of filthy, trashy and noisy weirdo hardcore

1st press - 500 black vinyl records

TTR15 - Shifka Chiefs - It Burns Twice

After the noticeable silence of their former 5-piece garage-punk rock  - Uzbeks. Assaf and Nadav carry on with their spicy exotic core of song writing. playing simple, hot and to the point garage- punk or pop hits in punk versions - name it as you wish. 'It Burns Twice' contains 4 songs that were written and recorded during a short meeting in March 2013 in Israel of the 2 hot jalapenos peppers at Nadav's house in Jaffe-TelAviv, Israel.

1st press - 100 "vinyl looking" CDrs, hand made / burned / cutted / folded / numbered 

TTR14 - TamutAmen - Tamutamenkind 7" (sold out!)

debut release from mixed up black metal hardcore punk magnificent rare sounds with people from Dir Yassin, Mondo Gecko and tons of many other Israel DIY bands you probably never heard of. Tamut are promising a horrifying experince and like flashy lights on a lame disco, it's not recommended for epileptic people.

1st press - 300 on black vinyl. 100 on gold, 100 on silver

TTR13 - VVhile - Is Vanity 7"

the debut 4 tracks EP release from the noisy post-punk from Serbia with members of: Let's Grow, Jaibo!, 36 Daggers and Cut Self Not - a wierd reverberating mix of unforgotten sounds from your anti-era, re-calling the common sense of the Wipers and Mission Of Burma, abusement of Black Flag, last days of My Bloody Valentine and sex drive that turned Ian Mackaye to a pop singer.

1st press - 100 on black vinyl, 100 on white
(twintoe copies are stamped with black & green stamps on the vinyl labels)

TTR12 - 28 Fingaz & A Twintoe (tape compilation) (sold out!)

the compilation made out of bands that are somehow connected to Twintoe Records, or just bands I found cool and asked them for a song for the comp. This compilation sums up the first year of Twintoe activity, 10 releases and 2 that was planned but failed, booking concerts in Israel, touring with Suckinim Baenaim, rippin' it in Israel with Uzbeks. Intensolouches !

1st press - 60 tapes - spray painted, xeros printed  cutted & folded 

TTR11 - Uzbeks - Goggles & Flipflops 12" (sold out!)

the debut full length from the 5-piece colorfull und juicy punk rock n' roll. 30 minutes of blasting frisky punk rock anthems with a fine structure of - brainwashing and humming - guitars pyramid.

1st press - 250 marble pink & 250 yellow vinyl records
tape press - (by Gafas Del Rigor tapes) - 100 yellow tapes with white cases and a cool 3D effect + glasses

TTR10 - Nesseria - Nesseria 12"

The horrifying nightmare artwork radiates as well as their dirty and blood dripping vocals,  down tuned high gained guitar riffs and hatred pounding drum beats.

1st press - 500 red clear vinyl records

TTR09 - Shenkin Punx - Shnataim Shel Tzarot CD

and yet again, sacrificing some money for the good will of diy Israeli punk rock with the most unfriendly format - cd - release. Shenkin Punx is the result of 4 typical working class punx, that lived all together in a old and well knowned punk rock house project in Shenkin street in the center of rotten polluted Tel Aviv. '2 Years Of troubles' is how their cd named and it pretty much explains everything  You have here another fine piece of Israeli weirdo melodic intense and combained - punk rock. the combination of this four piece brings out a really fine and special atmosphere this of it as if its a musical for a Disney theater or a movie, Shenkin Punx wrote music for bad, evil and dark side, and the good superhero who saves the innocent from aimed threat of the bad. you can find the buddies as well in: Nikmat Olalim, Not On tour, M.E.S.S and Machleket Chanikot Shotrim 
1st press - 1000 glass master CDs (that are still laying in Herzel 94 ;)

TTR08 - Plishat Hotfey Hagufot - Plishat Hotfey Hagufot CD (sold out!)

'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers' is the correct translation of the band's name, were blooming at the time Twintoe Rec' still invested money in CD musical formats. this band was based in the Patifon club which was for years the house of alternative and independent  israeli rock n roll bands of all kind (such as Monotonix, Carusella, Achzavoth and many more), Plishat is a 4-piece of highschool kids who wanted to simply kick out the fucking jams, they combine a hugh veraity of geners and never stopped exploring their musical boundries till they broke up, so expect some noisy punky psyched out guitars and drums and humming vocals, like a fucking ice cream on a hot sweaty Israeli summer day.
you can find the band members nower days playing in some of the following names: Uzbeks, Rutsi Buba, Häxxan, Firetruck Rally, Mad Choice & Ed Turner and The Danilof Center

(sound cloud album stream in progress)

TTR07 - Mondo Gecko / Time Of My Life split 7" (sold out!)

this connection was made after Mondo Gecko's touring in Europe and playing in Slovakia with finest melodic hardcore punk - Time Of My Life with a cool and funny high pitched vocals. these guys live on a big cool fucking mountaint called High Tatras in Slovakia. the M.G this splie chaotic, mutated, fast extreme trashy guitars at it's extreme power !

1st press - 630 clear green vinyl records

Mondo Gecko

Time Of My Life

TTR04 - Suckinim Baenaim / Batalj split 7" (sold out!)

I've been waiting a bunch for this one to go out, it is a co release between 6 European labels. Suckinim Baenaim & Batalj delivers together a massive amount of  weirdo noise punk rock with intergalactic laser beams guitars, tighten up drum beats and epileptic vocals who will make you disco and vomit flowers and butterflies at the same time.

1st press - 666 marble ganja green vinyl records

TTR03 - Mondo Gecko / D9 split 12" (sold out!)

the 2 most trashy grindy fastcore and power violance straight outta the Israeli swamps - bands in Israel get each 1 side on this cool split. funny thing about this record is that the factory mixed it up, and printed the Mondo Gecko label on the D9 side of the records (and other way round)

1st press - 500  black 12" vinyl records

Mondo Gecko


TTR02 - Uzbeks - Demo 2009 CDr / Tapes (sold out!)

it didn't took more then 1 month after getting the 7 mixed songs from my fresh punk rock band and in June 2009 after like 6 month of rehearsing with Uzbeks, I spent some time at a copy shop trying to get the best of a black casual Xeros printer, and my stencil cutting and spray painting hands.

1st press - 200 CDRs (beer bottles and thunderbolt spraypaint) / 50 tapes (bats & beer bottles)
2nd press - 100 CDRs (elvis spray paint)

TTR01 - Ding Dong Dead - Nie Wieder Morgen 10" (sold out!)

Ding Dong Dead's 10" was released about 1 year after I met the guys on a Suckinim Baenaim tour in 2008, the band gave an awesome show in a really small room in Münster, Germany. Nower days the band continues under name - Lantic Waters, with a more dark, scary and lethal doomy sounds check both up!

1st press - 500 black 10" vinyl records