Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VVHILE - Tour + New Tape Release !

If you have already forgotten, or never really cared about what’s going on in the land of Serbia, you can take your second chance with this duo coming from its capital, Belgrade.You can catch them on the road promoting American repress of their debut EP and cassette release of their live radio concert.

In June of 2011 Andrija Spicanovic and Stevan Cirovic coupled to create some simple, yet
memorable tunes inspired by the music they were actually growing up to. What started as a punk rock outfit suddenly overgrown its boundaries into experimental noise / pop sound. Shamelessly,they merge the harshness of abrasive guitar sounds with falsetto singing, seductive drumming with atmospheric noise landscapes that will annihilate your ears. Seemingly not genre bound, this two piece range in pop driven songs, sometimes with 80s punk rock energy, sometimes with 70s psychedelic and kraut rock repetition and very often in 90s shoegaze mentality with everything in between.

In June 2012, their debut EP titled VVhile is Vanity was released in limited edition on black and white vinyl by Twintoe Records from Germany, Napravi Zaedno from Macedonia and their own label Jazz Chairs, from Serbia. The same 7’’ has been repressed in US by Dirt Cult Records in October of 2013.

Cassette tape with ten tracks recorded during their live radio performance in authentic 70’s studio from heydays of communist Yugoslavia will be released in November 2013 by Twintoe Records and Mouca in Germany and Portugal.

Their very first album titled MORE is expected to be out in the spring 2014.
All in all, VVhile is loud experience of beautiful melodies wrapped into emotion of personal and political reason that will leave you breathless, so don’t miss it.

„Below the feedback of the guitar and the distorting vocal effects are delightful melodies and hooks that emerge the closer you listen, and it’s a satisfying experience to hear something new and exciting each time you press play.‘‘ 
This is fake DIY, September issue 

‘‘A drum and guitar duo that write crashing noisy rock, their EP VVhile is Vanity is the sort of stuff that is meant to be guzzled like a six-pack of beer while thrashing and destroying a motel, because you are young goddamn it.’’

‘‘VVHILE completely caught me by surprise, coming in from out of seemingly nowhere, but I am more than happy with that. Vanity is fully formed as a band can be coming out of the gate, and one of the best EPs I have heard all year.‘‘ 
The Creative Intersection

6.12. Budapest, HU

7.12. Brno, CZ

 8.12. Dresden, DE

9.12. Berlin, DE 

10.12. Leipzig, DE 

11.12. Ostrava, CZ

12.12. Vienna, AT

13.12. Ljubljana, SI

14.12. Zagreb, HR

14.12. Krapina, HR

VVHILE - Live on Fist Radio (Tape Cassette)

A reminder of their debut EP on Twintoe Rec':