Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VVHILE - Tour + New Tape Release !

If you have already forgotten, or never really cared about what’s going on in the land of Serbia, you can take your second chance with this duo coming from its capital, Belgrade.You can catch them on the road promoting American repress of their debut EP and cassette release of their live radio concert.

In June of 2011 Andrija Spicanovic and Stevan Cirovic coupled to create some simple, yet
memorable tunes inspired by the music they were actually growing up to. What started as a punk rock outfit suddenly overgrown its boundaries into experimental noise / pop sound. Shamelessly,they merge the harshness of abrasive guitar sounds with falsetto singing, seductive drumming with atmospheric noise landscapes that will annihilate your ears. Seemingly not genre bound, this two piece range in pop driven songs, sometimes with 80s punk rock energy, sometimes with 70s psychedelic and kraut rock repetition and very often in 90s shoegaze mentality with everything in between.

In June 2012, their debut EP titled VVhile is Vanity was released in limited edition on black and white vinyl by Twintoe Records from Germany, Napravi Zaedno from Macedonia and their own label Jazz Chairs, from Serbia. The same 7’’ has been repressed in US by Dirt Cult Records in October of 2013.

Cassette tape with ten tracks recorded during their live radio performance in authentic 70’s studio from heydays of communist Yugoslavia will be released in November 2013 by Twintoe Records and Mouca in Germany and Portugal.

Their very first album titled MORE is expected to be out in the spring 2014.
All in all, VVhile is loud experience of beautiful melodies wrapped into emotion of personal and political reason that will leave you breathless, so don’t miss it.

„Below the feedback of the guitar and the distorting vocal effects are delightful melodies and hooks that emerge the closer you listen, and it’s a satisfying experience to hear something new and exciting each time you press play.‘‘ 
This is fake DIY, September issue 

‘‘A drum and guitar duo that write crashing noisy rock, their EP VVhile is Vanity is the sort of stuff that is meant to be guzzled like a six-pack of beer while thrashing and destroying a motel, because you are young goddamn it.’’

‘‘VVHILE completely caught me by surprise, coming in from out of seemingly nowhere, but I am more than happy with that. Vanity is fully formed as a band can be coming out of the gate, and one of the best EPs I have heard all year.‘‘ 
The Creative Intersection

6.12. Budapest, HU

7.12. Brno, CZ

 8.12. Dresden, DE

9.12. Berlin, DE 

10.12. Leipzig, DE 

11.12. Ostrava, CZ

12.12. Vienna, AT

13.12. Ljubljana, SI

14.12. Zagreb, HR

14.12. Krapina, HR

VVHILE - Live on Fist Radio (Tape Cassette)

A reminder of their debut EP on Twintoe Rec':

Friday, October 18, 2013

DULAC - new LP and Germany tour dates

DULAC's Debute LP 'The First Of The Last Chords' is Twintoe Records # 20

You know I don't like name dropping so here is Twintoe's description to Dulac's LP:

under the bone going kind of raw bitterness with a pinch of concentrated sweetness is certainly the feelings -  DULAC's ' The First Of The Last Chords' full length album,  endowed by. Classy, elegant with no show off - DULAC are NOT a black n' white (post) punk rock band. They push the right buttons for leaving you feeling good and bad, cold and warm, confused and sure, up, down, left, right and sideways (!!!) -  about your exsistance / generation / moderation / human relations / emotions. Great warm spins on your turntable just before the cold season kicks in for the year 2013.

listen to the whole album for free right here 

17.10 - Tübingen @ Epplehaus
18.10 - München @ Kafe Kult
19.10 - Leipzig @ Zoro
22.10 - Berlin @ Tiefgrund
23.10 - Hamburg @ Komet
24.10 - Ibbenbüren @ Scheune
25.10 - Hannover @ UJZ Korn
26.10 - Aachen @ AZ

normal edition - 10,- € + postage feelimited (silk printed cover) edition - 12,- € + postage fee (preview soon!)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

SHIFKA CHIEFS - the new face of Uzbeks, debut EP release and a few shows in Germany !

Shifka Chiefs is the new face of the survivors of Uzbeks (5-piece garage-punk rock) including your master twintoe- Assaf, and Nadav. So far the pair of jalapenos kids preforms the lite version- of the whole party package you get in the recordings, what you may have known and experienced - Uzbeks Diät.
It's snotty, bold and spicy hot, so prepare your glass of water, pack it in your sandwich, roll it in your wrap, it's burning hot!

Enjoy their debut EP 'It Burns Twice' for free streaming on bandcamp. or get the first press CD-r (limited to 100 copies) copy for 2 euros from the working hand of Twintoe Rec' & Stuff.
With orders of more then 30 euros you get a free copy of the CD~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!

catch them supporting Sweatshop Boys in September in Germany

Monday, July 29, 2013

CHEVIN - UK / Belgium / Netherlands / Czech Rep. / Germany / Slovakia

tomorrow kicks off. 12 days of stinkin farts with  Huffin' Paint from Notthingham, UK & Chevin from Dresden, Germany.
come along, bring earplugs, like the people, hate the music, fresh bands, same ol' story.

30th July - The Navigation, Nottingham, UK 

31st July - Wahlbar, Manchester, UK

1st August - The Black Bull, Gateshead, UK 

2nd August - The Three Cranes, Sheffield, UK w/ Kids Insane

3rd August - The Fenton, Leeds, UK

4th August - New Cross Inn, London, UK

5th August - The Pits, Kortrijk, BE

6th August - Headshop, Nijmegen, NL

7th August - Halle 14, Karlsruhe, DE

9th August - Nad Viktorkou, Prague, CZ

10th August - FFUD FEST, Sered, SK 

11th August - Falscher Hase, Dresden, DE

check out Orions, Guy their drummer did this tour-poster!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Palms (live bootleg) @Adam Ziege Gellery, Dresden. 4th of May, 2013

finally mixing some of the bootlegs taken in the last half a year.
Palms was the name we gave the live jam band of:
Assaf Bomgard - Guitar & Wolfram Eggebrecht - Drums
download it here

Bad recording, good music.
enjoy !

Monday, June 3, 2013

Shakshuka Festival #3

this is year's Shkshuka Fest includes a fine mixed line up of pearls punk / hardcore / post-punk / hip-hop - independent bands and artists.
Like last years Fest, this one is taking place at the Scheune, Dresden as well. Be wise, save some money and order yourself tickets for the festival HERE !

Goldstein and Twintoe Records & Stuff Present:

21-22.6 - Shakshuka Festival III @ Scheune mit:

Busdriver (USA) x Ancient Mith (USA) x Messer (DE) x Radio Burroughs (DE) x Hysterese (DE) x Batalj (DE) x Continents (DE)
The Blue Screen Of Death (DE) x Vowels (DE) x Dirty Deep(F)

// VVK: Festivalticket 15 €, Tagesticket 10 € zzgl. Gebühr


Tickets are available as well at:
Konzertkasse Dresden

 ° Busdriver ° (USA) http://busdriverse.com/music
Busdriver is a rapper and producer from Los Angeles, California. He has collaborated with rappers such as Myka 9, Nocando, 2Mex and Ellay Khule. His primary producers have been Daedelus, Boom Bip, Daddy Kev, Loden, Paris Zax, Omid and Nobody. He has also worked with D-Styles on two albums.

° Ancient Mith(USA) ° http://ancientmith.bandcamp.com/
While there are plenty of anomalies in the world to ponder, one of the most striking is why a biography seems to validate ones ability to accept or like the art that is being presented.
Raised by wolves and great parents, Ancient Mith is an American, living in Denver, Co. and making music. The 2003 award winner of the 1908 Pulitzer Prize given out by Gandhi, himself. They spit a few bars and were Swayze. Has saved numerous a woman from burning dog houses and dogs from burning people houses, even though most of them were cat ladies. Chicken pot pie was his favorite food in kindergarten, which is a German word.

 ° Messer ° (DE) http://gruppemesser.blogspot.de/p/bandinfo.html
»Die Gruppe Messer kommt aus Münster. Das Demotape und die Single haben schon einige Wellen geschlagen. Erste Assoziationen sind Blumfeld (ganz frühe) und Fehlfarben (die erste). Manche fühlen sich durch den Gesang auch erinnert an Rio Reiser. Kann man sich bestimmt drüber streiten. Manchmal schimmert durch: die Kolossale Jugend. Aber, wie sagt man: hinten hat der Fuchs die Eier. Messer sind spröde, klirrig, rätselhaft, versplittert. Trotzdem rollt die Platte ungemein. Die Beats sind zackig, der Bass treibt kompromisslos die Herde vor sich her. Melodisch, aber vor allem tight. Die Gitarre scheint sich aber immer wieder höhnisch zu entziehen, in luftige Delay- und Geräusch-Wabereien. Und da merkt man, dass das andere Standbein Messers ganz woanders, nun ja, steht, als „nur“ im (deutschen) Post-Punk der 80er/90er: Neu! oder Can findet man hier genauso. Dunkel ist es bei Messer dennoch, Improvisation ist hier nie hippiesk, sondern immer fiebertraumhaft und monoton, da sind Expressionisten am Werk. Also: „Der Künstler möchte sein Erlebnis für den Betrachter darstellen“ (Wikipedia). Nervöse Zweifel also als Grundriss, ab und an gefüllt mit rätselhaft Fluffigem, darüber bildhafte, dunkle Texte, alles geformt zu einer ausgezeichneten Klinge. Die wahlweise in der Küchenschublade oder an Deinem Hals zu finden ist. Ich denke an Opium, die Weimarer Republik, die Surrealisten, die alles Bürgerliche vernichten wollten. Schlaflosigkeit, Ablehnung, Distanz, Sturheit, nicht mitmachen wollen. Klingt manchmal durch die Wiederholung sehr müde, dann wieder sehr wütend. Morbide Faszination an der Depression. Im Schwindel.
Messer singen über „die Wut, die mich zerfrisst, weil das Leben eine Lüge ist“. Und weil richtige, nicht inszenierte Wut heutzutage in Musik nicht mehr recht vorkommen mag, sage ich voraus: diese Band wird die Meinungen spalten. Die eine Hälfte findet es super, was die Jungs machen, die andere hat keinen blassen Schimmer, was das sein soll. Und deshalb sage ich: Bravo!«

° Radio Burroughs ° (DE) http://radioburroughs.bandcamp.com/
"The supposedly hopeless state of the world is never a sufficient reason to succumb to its contradictions. Fragility and strength are not opposed to each other, but, rather, complement each other, like the way revolt and � possibly age related � resignation coexist. It is in the space between revolt and resignation, fragility and strength where you will find RADIO BURROUGHS � especially because they are fully aware of these mutually including contradictions. Far beyond the pop cultural clichés of the neverchanging hustle and bustle, hedonistic platitudes of the PoMo-indie-in-crowds, and the innumerable trends of �the scene�, they have learned over time that not necessarily noise, but rather a charming sense for understatement may emphasize profoundess. Consequentially, this learning process left its mark on music and songwriting. While technically produced sounds obviously still serve as a transmitter and coziness is still not an option, the big gesture is to be found in the little details and especially in those moments that seem to lack certainty in full awareness of the fact that what really should matters is, indeed, so simple. RADIO BURROUGHS have arrived. In the true sense of music."

° Hysterese ° (DE) http://hysteresepunk.blogspot.de/
Noisy german punk rock with dual female/male vocals.

° Batalj ° (DE) http://batalj.bandcamp.com/
BATALJ is a Berlin-based experimental nosie/trash/mayhem-outfit from Sweden/Australia. With distorted synthesizers accompanied by frantic drum assaults, efffect-drenched guitar arrangements and shrieking vocals the three-piece creates a barely comprehensible soundscape consisting of deformed rythms, blasts, bleeps, clicks, screams, more or less controlled chaos and diverse musical damaged goods hailing from hardcore punk as well as experimental noise. The past two years the band has extensively toured Europe, played well over 100 shows and released two 7-inch splits as well as been on various compilations. A selftitled debut EP is out now on 7-inch vinyl on Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu? and Twintoe Records.


° Continents ° (DE) http://continentsblows.bandcamp.com/
An attempt at bridging the gaps between desperation, aggression, hope and honesty but somehow getting stuck naked somewhere in the middle of nowhere screaming your lungs out.
a soundtrack, a tragedy, a smile.

° The Blue Screen Of Death ° (DE) http://bluescreenofdeath.bandcamp.com/
The blue screen of death machen elektronisch-8bit-mäßigen Punk. Weil sie besser Computer spielen als Gitarre. Die Band wurde 2008 in Göttingen gegründet, wo ihre Mitglieder seitdem auf der Strasse angefeindet und gelegentlich auch verhauen werden, von richtigen Punkern, in deren enges Weltbild sie nicht passen. Dabei bringen sie alles mit was eine richtige Punkband ausmacht. Dreck, Lautstärke, Bewegung, Energie und eine Spur Unvorhersehbarkeit. Mal fliegen aus Versehen die Sticks weg, mal rennt der Bassist beim spielen mit dem Kopf gegen die Traversen und stürzt ins Publikum, ähnlich einem Giraffenbaby, das grade den Geburtskanal verlässt. Ihre erste richtige Platte lässt noch auf sich warten, weil irgendein Arsch den Laptop mit den fertigen Recordings geklaut hat. Solange muss mit den Konzerten vorlieb genommen werden.

° Vowels ° (DE) http://vxwxls.bandcamp.com/
vowels from dresden, eastern germany , play raging hardcore, comparable to some of the youth attack records bands, like veins , raw nerve ...
vowels are members of julith krishun, the tangled lines, vitamin x And Komissar X.

° Dirty Deep ° (F) http://www.facebook.com/dirtydeep.official
Dirty Deep ist eine One-Man-Band ganz in der Tradition des Delta Blues. Er steht für rauhen, schweren Blues, beeinflusst von Folk und Rock. Mit hausgemachter Rhythmusbase und vom vielen Spielen abgewetzter Mundharmonika und Gitarre kreiert er einen Mix aus Sonny Boy Williamson II, John Lee Hooker oder Son House. Sein Album „Back to the roots“ erschien im Oktober 2011, seitdem war er auf zahlreichen Festivals in Frankreich und Europa vertreten.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Chevin Patches

for their Israeli Spring Tour.
As well, designed by the great-  Velozee from Leipzig, Germany